Mr. Y. Madhu sudhan
Managing Director

B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering has an  experience in aluminum extrusion industry over a decade and presently involved in the Sun Glazing & Fabrication Pvt. Ltd. since 6 years and managed projects such as Deloitte, Hyderabad, Hyderabad International Convention Center, Hyderabad International Airport – Passenger Terminal Building, Hyderabad International Airport – Air Traffic Control Building.


Consultants  & Collaborators:

  • Aluminum System :    Reynaers,  Belgium
  • Sun Glazing & Fabrication Pvt. Ltd. is in collaboration with Reynaers, Belgium, one of the world leaders in the development, commercialization and distribution of high quality aluminum systems for windows, doors, sliding elements, curtain walls, conservatories and sun screening systems.

    Reynaers System allows high efficiency in terms of cost to energy saving ratio.
    For Aluminum curtain wall/structural glazing we have Mr. Badal Shah, Reynaers, India as our consultant and advisor who is stationed at Pune, and makes regular visits to help us in monitoring our fa çade projects as and when required.

  • Glazing Test facilities:   Reynaers Institute,  Belgium
  • Structural Designs & Test Reports :  I.I.T,  Chennai
  • Glass :   Mr. Jerry Dowling &  Mr. Arthur Millwood, Dubai, UAE
  • For Glass we use expertise of Mr. Jerry Dowling and Mr. Aruthur Millwood, Australians now stationed at Dubai for various glass performance and certification purposes. They are in Glass industry for the past 40 years.

  • Spider Glazing Consultants :   M/s Kinlong Intl., China
  • For Spider Glazing consultancy and supply of 316 grade Spider fittings we have M/s Kinlong Architectural Glass fittings co. China as our regular supplier.

    For supply of Aluminum Composite Cladding materials and consultancy we have M/s Alucopanel, Korea, Alpolic, Japan and Alcopla, Taiwan as our suppliers.